Hair Follicle Testing in Denver

What Are the Advantages of Hair Follicle Testing?

While there have been several advances in drug screening procedures and methods in the past, hair follicle testing is truly one of the most effective methods of drug testing. While traditional screening methods, such as urine analysis, only goes back a few weeks, hair follicle testing can go as far back as 90 days. Additionally, our hair follicle testing services can be used on both body hair and the hair from one’s head.

Our Colorado mobile drug and alcohol testing services include 5 – 15 panel drug tests and hair alchol test-ETG.

Our Colorado mobile drug testing service also provides on-site testing services in the event that you are looking to have your company, sports league, or school, drug tested. Our laboratory experts are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding our services as well. To find out more about our mobile drug testing company, please contact our offices at your earliest convenience at (303) 694-2483!

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